The Haunted Legend of the Del Mar Scaregrounds

Some of the Dark History and Horrible Happenings That Make The Scream Zone Truly Terrifying

The widowed father of little Rosie Hewitt was the first groundskeeper at the Del Mar Fairgrounds back in 1936. The Hewitt family lived on the grounds in the darkened back alleys of the boarding facilities.

Rosie's days were filled with riding carousels, feeding farm animals, and mingling among the glamorous stars visiting from Hollywood's Golden Age, most here in Del Mar to play the ponies. But at night, her father was called out late to tend after the horses and carnival workers sheltering on the fringes of the Fairgrounds, leaving Rosie to fend for herself.

During these lonely nights, Rosie often suffered night terrors, keeping a journal of her visions. The Del Mar Fairgrounds was her home, but she reported recurring strange phenomena: the long, narrow corridor of the Grandstand's fifth floor, Rosie wrote, is where she heard hoofbeats and people laughing and cheering long after the race meet was over, everyone gone home, and the stables empty.

One night, Rosie mysteriously died in her sleep, alone, and believed to have joined the same disembodied spirits that terrified her.

Look for more clues to Rosie's past and the history of the Scaregrounds as The Scream Zone experience unfolds.

Watch here for tantalizing look into Rosie's world, as reported in the UT San Diego, on paranormal activities and ghostly sightings caught on video.


Enjoy some of our most gruesome Kodak moments from the past.

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